Parcel 2 La Croisette,
The Pearl in Doha, Qatar
Phone +974 4488 3200


Almotahajiba SIGNATURE is the leader in the luxury fashion segment of the global Arab womenswear market. The brand was created to fill a desire in the market for a luxury, one of a kind abaya. Each piece is handcrafted and designed with passion, with designs that range from fully beaded abayas to those made of exclusive materials including pure silk.


SIGNATURE offers an elite selection of designs and materials that were created exclusively with the modern Arab woman in mind. Signature offers her an exclusive selection of handmade abayas, evening gowns, sheilas and purses. The focus is on developing and marketing contemporary, high-end women’s fashion.


A SIGNATURE abaya is handmade to underline the individuality of each customer, combining exclusive materials and pure silks to create superior and luxurious quality designs.


SIGNATURE embodies what is most noble and accomplished in the artisan world, with each piece combining tradition, sophistication and luxury. Signature uses the understanding and experience of the traditional beauty and design of the abaya, and brings it together with modern cuts and new materials to create the most luxurious abaya in the world.


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